Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I just wanted to throw out an update to everyone.

I plan on opening CJ's Street Food full time starting the week of Labor Day, as I am still working out my notice at my current chef gig.

Everything is lined up as far as having a location to operate. As of right now, I have a regular location for the Gastro Dog Cart on the 2600 block of Hillsborough Street in Raleigh at the corner of Gardner Street and Hillsborough, across from DH Hill Library. I plan on adding other locations in other areas in the near future, but for the moment until I am up and running full-blast, this is the location I will start at.

I plan on setting up at my location on Hillsborough Street this Saturday, August 18th. It won't be the true Gastro Dog experience yet, since I don't have my charcuterie production up to speed, but there will just be some unique toppings for some high quality hot dogs and sausages. I just want to get started at this point!

I do have our first event lined up for Sunday, September 9th at Chatam Hill Winery in Morrisville, which I am really excited about. My charcuterie, toppings, and condiments will be the cart for that event!

As far, as the food truck goes, I just approved the CAD drawings, so they will be submitted to the health department for approval, and then construction will begin!

Everything is taking shape. I hope to see some of you this Saturday!

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