Monday, August 20, 2012

Semi-Grand Opening Menu

Here was a our menu for the semi-grand opening on the Gastro Dog Cart last Saturday.

I apologize for the fact that you couldn't read the original post.

We had a blast out there slinging our hot dogs and sausages!

We proudly served up high-quality, grilled Nathan's Hot Dogs with Buns the we ordered from a bakery in New England for $2.50.

Topping included at no extra charge were ketchup, mustard, Siracha hot sauce, relish, and onions.

For an extra $0.50 each topping, we loaded on chef-made chili, chef-made slaw, and quality kraut.

We also rolled out a few different Gastro Dogs.

We sold our Bill's Buffalo Dog which was a grilled Nathans dog with our Buffalo Chicken Topping and Blue Cheese crumbles for $4.

We sold our chef-made kimchi and bacon on our Nathan's dogs for $4.

We sold a Carolina Dog, with slaw, chili, and onions for $3.50.

We also sold a Vegan dog with slaw for $4.

You could do a combo meal with includes two hot dogs with regular toppings, chips and a drink for $5.
Also you could add a chips and a drink to any Gastro Dog for a $1.50.

It was a blast, and we learned a lot about what to do and not what to do, so thanks to those that came out!

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