Friday, October 19, 2012

Hillsborough Street Menu Changes

Over the next week or so, the Hillsborough Street menu will undergo some changes.

I had a visit from the Health Inspector, and they made some "suggestions." I did very well on my inspection, but they clarified some points for me. The inspector even said some of the laws were written in the Stone Age and didn't make sense any more, but they still have to enforce them.

The following change makes me very sad.

Based on the small amounts that I have been selling, and how I have been preparing the The Buffalo Dog and the Flippo Dog to order, both will be coming off the Hillsborough Street menu. Both items will still be used at the night and weekend events for the cart where I sell and hold a large amount of both items.

I will come up with some different toppings and items that I think will work.

Thank you so much for continuing to come and check out what I am doing on Hillsborough Street and at the different venues that I go to!

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