Monday, December 3, 2012

Menu and Location update

The schedule on Hillsborough Street will be reduced until the end of the year because of exams and holiday break.

I am shooting to be out there Monday the 3rd, Wednesday the 5th, and Friday the 7th from 11am to 1 pm. The exams are all in blocks, and the morning block doesn't end until 11, and the afternoon exam block doesn't start until 1pm.

As far as the week after on Hillsborough Street, I may only be out there on Wednesday or Thursday since most of the students will be gone.

I am using this time to expand, line up new lunch stops, as well as new night stops as well.

After experimenting with different menu ideas and concepts, and getting a feel for what sells and what is popular, I am working on bringing a more consistent menu so that the awesome people that are traveling to find me can know what to expect.

I am so grateful to those of you that hunt down the cart using facebook and Twitter. I love seeing the regulars, and I am amazed at how far some of you travel! I am sorry that some of you had come looking for a menu item, and it wasn't there. I am working on correcting that for you.

The Hillsborough Street menu will remain pretty much unchanged, with straight up hot dogs and a sausage sandwich specials being served.

At the other locations, the sausage sandwiches are much more popular than the hot dogs, so the menu will be more geared in that direction.

I have been serving the different sausages in a small hoagie roll, and it is the size of a mini football by the time I add all the toppings! I am really liking the whole concept!

I will post the permanent menu in a few days after I do some soul-searching, and narrow it down.

As always, your feedback on menu items and locations are always greatly appreciated!

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